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Dear Visitors!
This site is designed to help people whose innate sexual orientation is pedophilia. It was examined by the Police of the Czech Republic, concluding that the materials published there do not violate the law and that there is no other reason why the web should not run. Users do not commit any crime here. They help each other to live a life that is not contrary to the law. They did not ask for the orientation that Mother Nature had given them, and on the contrary, they would like to get rid of it. But this is basically impossible. On the other hand, it is still possible to live in accordance with the majority society, namely to manage that orientation. It is easier if they can open up without fear and get advice from similarly sufferring people.
Despite the above, Pedonia had been under constant attacks and has therefore been moved to a different address. If you had published some posts, your user account has remained active. Contact us for a link. In addition, new applicants will briefly outline why they are interested in Pedonia.
Contact adress: pedonia@protonmail.com