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About the Pedonia Community

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About the Pedonia Community

Příspěvekod Plyšáček » 18.1.2016 20:27:19


We are a community of pedophiles characterized by pure love of little girls. We are sometimes labeled GLs which is short for GirlLovers – lovers in a sense of admirers. We love little girls with all our hearts and therefore we strive to protect them and aid their harmonic growth.
All our activities are legal. We don't tolerate breaking the laws of the Czech Republic, especially laws concerning children. On this website you will not find child pornography nor contact information of people committing criminal activities.


Even though the situation has improved lately, in media and consequently in general awareness we keep coming across many half-truths and incorrect assumptions concerning pedophilia, child abuse, and child sexuality.
Pedophilia is a sexual orientation while child abuse is a criminal offence. Confusing these two terms is misleading. A pedophile can live his whole life without harming a child whereas a certain number of non-pedophiles abuse children as a substitute, easy-to-reach object.

We aim to cultivate pedophiles by education and mutual support, to help their self-control and smooth integration into society and thus making them less dangerous to children and themselves. The aim is the opposite: to help them become beneficial and make use of their innate talents for working with children.

By theoretically studying child psychology and child sexuality we aim to develop a neglected scientific branch: child sexuality. By pointing out the differences between adult (developed) and child (undeveloped) sexuality and by comparing the sexuality of an abused child with that of a normal one we intend to alert to the dangers of sexual violence and production of child pornography.

We create a space to spread our mission and inform our members, pedophiles from all over the world, scientists, and general public about pedophilia, child abuse and child sexuality.


If you have recently found you are sexually attracted to children and you admitted you are a pedophile, realize that the sexual orientation itself does not define what kind of human in character you are, neither what life you will live. It definitely does not mean you are a monster predefined to molest and perform violence on children. Most sexual crime cases on children is done by non-pedophilic persons. Many pedophiles live decent lives, some of them have happy families, they are top teachers, child psychologists, child medical doctors, they lead groups of children etc.


  • Any person older than 15 years may become a registered member.
  • The content of the entire website including hidden VIP section is fully legal and the community perform solely beneficial activities.
  • We focus on three key topics: little girls, pedophilia, child sexuality.
  • Most topics deal with little girls. If you're on boys, so called Boy Lovers, or adolescents, we rather recommend you to visit the sister project ČEPEK (

We, representatives of Pedonia, strive for friendly relations and fruitful cooperation with other sister projects. We do not consider ourselves as competitors. We consider the project ČEPEK alias Czechoslovak Pedophilic Community ( to have high quality. We, the leaders of Pedonia, are also members of Čepek. We share similar aims, we only use somewhat different ways. We expect to share many members.
ČEPEK is first of all intended to help the youngest pedophiles to accept their sexual orientation. It focuses on raising awareness and communicating with the media and general public.
Pedonia should become safe and friendly haven for all GL, including those from foreign countries. We intend to inspire and support also pedophiles working with children, develop themes of child sexuality and prevention of sexual abuse. We will be active in addressing specialists.


I am the initiator and ideologist of the community of Pedonia, so that I am obliged to lead it. I am the highest authority and till now a single sponsor of Pedonia. The project is inspired by me to have somewhat spiritual background. In exaggerated terms, I am the king of the empire of Pedonia.
I am a respected and successful teacher, and I have also my own children. However, I use the identity of so called Plyšáček, which means a plush toy. Potential discovery of my true identity and my pedophilic orientation would lead to unnecessary concern in a great number of families.
I am convinced that I have knowledge on child sexuality to be shared with psychologists and sexologists. As a private researcher I study numerous sources including foreign literature. I have been encouraged in this activity by the leading persons in the science of sexology who know my sexual profile in detail. I have decided to devote to this matter and develop this discipline. Any materials provided by me are free for further use if you cite me like -
- Author: Plyšáček,

I am the second man of the kingdom of Pedonia, I will use the title Chancellor. Address me your wishes, problems and other matters concerning our website.
I am an older and respected person. According to the reactions of my vicinity, mainly mature women,
I have perfectly brought up my children as a single parent father. Many people addresses to me for help with their problems. I am an empathetic but rigorous, so not honeyed counselor …
In younger age I had significant problems with control of my pedophilic sexual orientation. I even slid over the edge of the law and was convicted. I experienced stories that I myself probably would not want to hear later in my life as a parent. I decided to share my experience with the community, so that others may see on a real life story where the pitfalls lie in wait.

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