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Our vision and benefits of the community

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Our vision and benefits of the community

Příspěvekod Plyšáček » 18.1.2016 20:28:59


  • help young pedophiles to accept their unusual sexual orientation
  • provide a safe haven for sharing feelings, experience, and troubles among all heterosexual pedophiles, and for releasing the tension by sharing in safe, discreet environment
  • advice of older pedophiles on how to control urges and how to be safe around children
  • definition of safe boundaries, clear explanation of which situations may be considered child abuse, consulting experts
  • selection of high quality audio and video documents to work as an ideal and legal substitution of child pornography; Information about the dangers of obtaining and sharing child pornography
  • contact with sexologists, sharing their opinions and recommendations based on feedback from pedophiles, research of new methods of therapy
  • cooperation with institutes of sexology, scientific experiments with volunteers
  • recommendations for faculties of education and centers for children in need on how to sensitively inform children about the dangers of abuse; Getting experience from formerly criminal pedophiles
  • notification to specialists by former offenders about the sexuality of abused children, detailed description of development of such relationships and ways of potential manipulation
  • studying materials about child sexuality, specialist popularizing articles, with emphasis to objectivity and politeness
  • education of pedophiles about incompatibility of child and adult sexuality, prevention of sexual abuse based on realizing the consequences of abuse for the individual in the future
  • reaching optimal therapy for abused children and directing their mental development to normal way thanks to the findings about child sexuality
  • passing information about reasonable suspicion of production or distribution of child pornography to the police, warning against this illegal activity, passing novel knowledge about the production from reformed pedophiles to criminologists
  • sharing feelings of trauma experienced after abuse of the previous victims and their families, providing empathy to the victims
  • space for reactions to media, refuting meaningless myths, using proper terms
  • space for publication of own artwork expressing love for children by morally unobjectionable way
  • support of pedophiles working with children, sharing experience, recommendations for work safety for a pedophile

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