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Logo of the Pedonia Community

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Logo of the Pedonia Community

Příspěvekod Plyšáček » 19.1.2016 22:47:32


Logo is the first and most important symbol of our community. A leading master of fine arts, who remains unnamed, of course, has drawn it at my request. The logo is intended only for the purpose of representation of our community. It is legally owned by Plyšáček. Possible misuse could be seen as a criminal offense.

In the center of the logo is double GL heart, whose symbolism is well known to insiders. On both sides, there are twin girls whose body position follows the outline of the heart. Their eyes are sending love to the overarching name Pedonia and to the crown, the symbol of our empire.

The posture of the girl was suggested on 11.12.2015 by Leonid and then I intuitively added her twin and incorporated the heart. After a couple of hours, the name Pedonia was stated. The termination of the word evokes an empire, thus, the crown was added. The artist gave me this logo exactly 24 hours before the New Year midnight.

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