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Napsal: 20.1.2016 16:18:46
od Neptun
The leaders of Pedonia Empire are all Czech, including me, moderator Neptun. Anyway, I am responsible for foreign members of the forum.

In this thread, every new user can write very briefly his motivation to come here, his basic personal information - that which is not secret.

So that, something about me: I am 40 years old married man with two daughters (15, 13). However, I like very much girls from the age of 6. I have a relationship +++:: with 11 years old girl +gl+ . It does not include any sexual offence! ++::+ I started to be active in a previous forum to share my desire for beautiful girls and my love - my girlfriend. The founder and admin of Pedonia Empire Plyšáček asked me to take care on our guests and users from abroad because of my language skills. My detailed life experiences are being published in the section GL topics > Life stories. You may write your own life experience there.

Look at the diverse parts of our forum and start to contribute. In the audiovisual section, there will be separate and independent contributions in the Czech and English versions. You should visit both. There is not much text, mostly images. In the scholarly section, there will be studies, excerptions from books etc., which will be translated from one language to another.

Introduce yourself +++ and start to contribute with your knowledge, experience, opinion, image collection...


Napsal: 31.1.2016 12:09:43
od Pico Chico
I'm so happy I found an English oasis! Thank you very much, it's nice to have options!

Pico Chico here! I'm a young male from NA and I enjoy finding a community like this, where one can speak freely and happily about life and lifestyle. I was never aware of outlets like these while I was growing up, so I pretty much counted myself as the ONLY boy (And eventually young man) who still liked young cute girls.

When I started to discover communities on the internet, dedicated to exactly what I was dealing with solo, I fell in love with the opportunity and finally felt quite a bit more like a normal person, finally!

When I was a kid, I was always playing with the other girls/boys and often times, games would turn to exploring, and us kids would do, what kids do. I learned to love that experience, from a young age, and never quite grew out of it. That's my simple story.

There's of course more to my story, but I don't want to write a novel here, just yet!

Pico Chico

Re: FOREIGN NEWCOMERS - Why did I come?

Napsal: 31.1.2016 16:52:46
od Gabriel Svoboda
Welcome! What does NA mean? North America? Namibia? Naples? Or something else? :)


Napsal: 2.1.2017 7:07:28
od Bambi
I found this place looking for something else. And I'm happy I did. I've burned a lot of bridges over the years and the idea of having friends who really understand sounds like a godsend. I've never had any sexual contact with children in my adult years, but I've been pretty irresponsible despite that. Said some things I shouldn't have.

Hopefully the English Speaking boards don't stay too dead too long.

Re: FOREIGN NEWCOMERS - Why did I come?

Napsal: 2.1.2017 10:42:09
od Neptun
A warm welcome in our empire. You are a highly talented artist. We will be happy to see your new production. I think you will enjoy creating new drawings and paintings of girls, too. We are, of course, curious about your life, about development of your feelings towards little girls.

Re: FOREIGN NEWCOMERS - Why did I come?

Napsal: 4.1.2017 5:42:02
od Bambi
Thank you.
Neptun píše:We are, of course, curious about your life, about development of your feelings towards little girls.
My fondest memories are of a girl in my kindergarten class who lived on my street. She was like a twin, a best friend, and someone I explored with. I still want her. When I entered puberty I had a youth group leader with two little daughters. And I won't be detailed about that. :)

My views are mostly civil libertarian, and don't always coincide with the forum's mission statement. I think this is a good place for people looking for some middle ground, though (something rare in the Child Love community).


Napsal: 17.6.2017 15:58:38
od Bolstoy
This is the only site I found that appreciates and respects the beauty of young girls in the purest form, something I have always enjoyed without the sexual innuendos of other sites. Hopefully there is a way to have an English speaking chat section for those of us not fluent in your native language to make more meaningful contributions and express views. Very happy to have stumbled across this site and hope it grows with many more like minded thinkers who appreciate the innocence and esthetic beauty inherent in all young girls.


Napsal: 21.1.2018 9:37:01
od Selynt

I'm a young adult from the USA. I plan on making great contributions to this Empire of Pedonia in the form of philosophy, and various forms of art.

I am studying at a university, majoring in elementary education and philosophy. I hope some day to become a teacher of young children, not sure at what type of institute yet. I volunteer in a children's hospital, and soon may become a volunteer tutor for children at my local community center. I am in a relationship with a woman aged 19, but really am in love with her younger sister whom is 6. I love both of them dearly.

I first discovered my love for kid girls when I was about 15 and had a relationship with a 10 year old girl. It doesn't seem necessarily like such a specific thing with that small of an age difference, but as I got older, I became attracted to younger and younger girls. I find myself now in my twenties in love with girls ages 1-11, peaking at about ages 7-9. I have been in several relationships with girls younger than me, but I have never done anything illegal, and never will.

I went through times when I moved across the States on my lonesome in a desperate search for some sort of explanation, or justification for my love of children. As I'm sure you all know very well, or will soon discover, that search can only be conducted within one's self, and not through the physical world. I am still coming to terms with myself as a "girl lover".

I look forward to getting to know you all.

Re: FOREIGN NEWCOMERS - Why did I come?

Napsal: 21.1.2018 13:29:50
od Neptun
Dear Selynt,
we are very happy to meet such a person like you in our empire. According to your first contribution, it seems you will be an important acquisition, helpful in educating and cultivation of girl lovers that still search themselves. We will be happy to read both your personal life stories and scholarly contributions.

During two years of existence of our website, we had here several foreigners that liked our environment but did not hold out for a long time. We hope you will return again and again, although most of the pages are written in Czech. Can you understant e.g. our life stories written in Czech if translated by Google translator? We would definitely like a lot your own stories and experiences. When changing names and places, it should be far safe to write details such as we do. I can then translate some your contributions to Czech for those Czech and Slovak members that are poor in English.

After writing 5 contributions, chat room will be open to you. Of course, again, there are many members chatting that do not know English, and the chat room is open only a few hours daily, in the evening Central European time, that is probably early afternoon for you. Anyway, try to come. We are looking to you.

Neptun, high school teacher


Napsal: 25.4.2018 19:49:04
od orihasa
I just registered, and thought I would say hi! I'm from the U.S., I'm 30 years old, and have always loved cute things. This of course, extends to girls of this certain age group, being 4, to 11 or 12. It's nothing sexual, mostly, I think? Just how they're so cute and I just want to hug them. xD Of course I never do.

Anyway, it's good to know I'm not alone, so I thought I'd join! :)

Re: FOREIGN NEWCOMERS - Why did I come?

Napsal: 29.7.2018 0:43:55
od Selynt
Welcome Orihasa!

I see that you haven't been active since you posted this, but you might log back in some time, so I wanted to say howdy! The English section of this website is unfortunately inactive, but I pop in from time to time. It is worthwhile to use a translator to communicate with everyone else on the website who speaks Czech.

You'll find that most childlovers/girllovers/pedos feel similarly to you; they want love and affection with children not sex. You're definitely not alone! And of course, don't think that just because you are attracted to child-girls that you can't hug them! There is nothing sexual, abusive, or illegal about hugging little girls (as long as they want to be hugged)! (: