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Icons for topics - description

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Icons for topics - description

Příspěvekod Plyšáček » 14.2.2016 20:50:10

Dear users. We have increased the number and improved the list and specification of icons for topics. The icons are intended to facilitate orientation in long lists of topics in individual subforums and in the list of Active topics. Try always to select the best fitting icon for your new topic and contribution. Only keep the crown for my usage - it belongs to the official documents. If administrator changes your icon, do not change it back.

Obrázek.....Reader - popularized science
Obrázek.....Briefcase - scholarly text on the student level
Obrázek.....Academician - scholarly text on the scientific level

Obrázek.....Book - information about book or citation from book
Obrázek.....Book with pen - excerpts from scientific book
Obrázek.....Notebook - practical notes
Obrázek.....Newspapers - citations from media including internet and reactions to them

Obrázek.....Calendar - dates with descriptions of events
Obrázek.....Graph - statistical data, surveys, technical research
Obrázek.....Screwdriver and spanner - technical and operational data about this website
Obrázek.....Computer - IT information
Obrázek.....Internet - links to other websites and comments to them

Obrázek.....Thinking - reflections, contemplations, philosophical questions
Obrázek.....Sex symbols - life stories and relationships
Obrázek.....Discussing - discussion to locked topic
Obrázek.....Air balloons - entertaining and funny topics

Obrázek.....Photo camera - topic investigating work of a certain photographer
Obrázek.....Video camera - videos=movies recorded by amateurs or during unique events
Obrázek.....Film flap - about professional movies
Obrázek.....CD with note - music not specified
Obrázek.....Stave - specific songs and music bands
Obrázek.....Pen with doodle - prosaic literary works
Obrázek.....Parchment with pen - poetic literary works
Obrázek.....Palette with brush - fine art

Obrázek.....Model - for all models
Obrázek.....Actress - for all actresses
Obrázek.....Singer - investigating life and work of certain singer
Obrázek.....Saxofonist - investigating specific musician playing any instrument
Obrázek.....Dancer - for all dancers and videos devoted to dance, but not modern gymnastics
Obrázek.....Gymnast with a hoop - sport topics

Obrázek.....Hello Kitty - focused on beauty, make up and typical girly issues
Obrázek.....Carriage - topics dedicated to infants
Obrázek.....Duckling - playing with children, games, bathing
Obrázek.....Heart - about love, affectionate topics
Obrázek.....GL heart - propedophilic topics, relationship to girls


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