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Selynt's Life

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Selynt's Life

Příspěvekod Selynt » 22.1.2018 21:48:31

I’m going to use fake names. There are a lot of people involved in this story, and names make it easier to understand.

Well my story begins quite a few years ago, at the age of 15. I was a young man living in the USA state of Minnesota. I used to play this game on my phone called Clash of Clans. All my friends that I went to school with also played this game, and we usually had a lot of fun chatting with each other in the “clan chat.” Things got different when my friend’s little sister, Claire, joined the clan too. She was 10. I had never met her before, but we had a great deal of fun chatting online, and playing games together. When I finally did meet her in real life, maybe a month later, I had already developed feelings for her.

Claire and I used to play games, talk all night, watch movies, but nothing sexual. Our friendship was going really well, until she told me that her family was moving away to the state of Florida. We would no longer be able to see each other. :cry:

I cried about it a bunch, and whatever, but eventually I didn’t care about her anymore. That’s around the time I met Tasha. She was the little sister of my best friend, Tonya. Tasha was 12, but looked and acted much younger. I was still 15.

When she became older we started dating. We had an amazing relationship. We went out to restaurants, we played games, and just hung out sometimes. We spent the night at each others houses very frequently, and even lived together for about two weeks. We never did anything illegal. Our friendship ended when she cheated on me with one of my friends that I had known since kindergarten. :o

Later, I dated one of her friends. That did not end well though.

I then had several other legal relationships with girls that were younger than me.

After repeatedly falling in love with girls that I was in relationships with, I met this girl named Andrea. She was a student of mine actually. I taught Wrestling to kids ages 4-12, but at this time I was 17, and wasn’t really attracted to kids younger than about 10. That’s how old Andrea was, she was 10. She was the best student in the class: very talented, very smart, and well behaved. I started teaching her private classes before and after the group classes, so it was just me and her. I very much so enjoyed teaching her, and was very infatuated with her.

We never were in a relationship, but we used to hug each other, and we spent a lot of extra time together talking, and having fun. I started developing stronger and stronger feelings for her, until I’d say that I was in love with her. I was banned from that jiu jitsu school for reasons completely unrelated to Alley, (The head professor and I had a disagreement about politics and philosophy, and he figured it was easier to get rid of me than accept the truth in what I was saying.)

Upon being banned from the school, and since then, I haven’t seen Andrea. I miss her greatly, and I also miss all of my other students as well.

I slipped into an awful depression of not being able to see my love, and I noticed that I was constantly finding myself attracted to younger and younger girls. At 18 I was mostly attracted to girls 5-10, but also found some adults attractive. I however was very depressed, and didn’t feel like I had anything going for me.

I eventually got so depressed that I moved away from my entire family, and across the USA. To the City of Los Angeles. I chose Los Angeles in part because of its very strict age of consent laws. I was convinced that If I stopped being in relationships with younger people then I would stop being attracted to them. I was wrong, and in the time I lived in Los Angeles, I stopped being attracted to adults completely, and am now only attracted to girls under the age of about 11. :roll:

I then moved back across the country to the city of New York, and am attending school at a University here. (Hate it here, I miss Los Angeles.) I am planning on moving back to Los Angeles once I have my degree.

Then, for a while I was dating a girl who was 19, but I was really in love with her little sister who was 6. Me and her used to spend a lot of time playing with each other, talking, and hugging. We never did anything illegal. The older girl got very jealous because her little sister loved me, and she broke up with me.

Since then, I have just been focused on my studies as a teacher and my research. I really am most attracted to infants and toddlers now (0-4). I do not even consider this attraction to be sexual. It is more loving. I find pleasure in caring for them and being with them. They are the most wonderful children +++::
I am still figuring myself out more and more everyday.

Feel free to ask questions, or discuss.

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