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Neptun's love

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Neptun's love

Příspěvekod Neptun » 13.1.2016 12:58:56

I love Kate.

I am an older married man, and I am in love with a preteen girl. It is not so unusual. But I have a reason to believe that my feeling is reciprocated. This is a story about me and Kate. About our relationship which lasts for years and flourishes. I will start to write what happened this summer when our relationship has moved farther. Then I will return to the beginning dated four years ago, I will quickly run through our lives to the same summer and I will describe recent events in more detail.
We are starting.

They are already growing!

This is a common statement said by mushroom pickers (which we are nearly all in the Czech Republic) when the edible mushrooms begin to grow in large number in mid-summer. However, this statement means something quite different in my story.
I have a wife and two daughters. They are somewhat old (15 and 13) in the eyes of the members of the Pedonia Empire. When our girls were younger, friends of us occasionally took care for them. Our girls are self-reliant now if I and my wife want to go out. In return, now we sometimes watch the two daughters of our friends. In the summer I am writing about, they were 10 and 7 years old.
After some longer period when we did not see each other we all four went for a long walk in the woods outside the city. As soon as the girls came out of their house, I could see that the shirt on the chest of Kate (10) was not quite flat. We are good friends with Kate from her six. And she usually gives me a welcome and farewell kisses. This time nothing. But then we went along hand by hand and I carried her on my shoulders and so on, as many times before. (Which by the way was hard time, for she already had nearly 40 kilograms.)
After snack in the forest, it revealed that Kate has a checkered notebook in her backpack. And that she wants to play Tic Tac Toe. I was sitting on a tree stump. Instead of putting the book on the stump and kneeling down around it, or anything like that, Kate sat on my lap. She held the book on her lap and scribbled circles and crosses by her pen. I was holding Kate by my left arm around her waist and I tried to play by my right hand with a pencil, being charmingly hampered by her.
It is not important that I was continuously winning and Kate praised me how good I am. The important thing is that she dropped the pen.
When she bent down to take it back and when I tried to keep her from falling, my left hand involuntarily passed over her chest. And thus I felt that they (brests) are already growing. And we both played on as if nothing had happened. And then the four of us got up and went home.
When we got in the city to the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights Kate stopped too close to the curb. I took her gently by the shoulders from behind and pulled her to me while I again gently brushed my hand over her chest. She said nothing, not even turned around, she just leaned her back and her head on me (the backpack was on the side) until the green light did not come. I got about three farewell kisses. The life is beautiful.

I ask kind readers that want to discuss about anything within my stories to do it in the following thread: Discussion to the Neptun’s love.


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