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Andrew's story

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Andrew's story

Příspěvekod Andrew » 11.4.2016 19:54:52

My history can perhaps seem thought up but I write the truth here. I hush up some facts but I do not distort the reality.

I learned about female orgasm at about the age of seven years. I didn't play with peers, I played with girls who were older than me. They had age about 10-12 years. Besides usual games, we mutually inspected our bodies. These occupations continued to happen for some time. They stopped when mother of one of the boys saw us during these occupations in garage. She saw us incidentally but she told about it to the parents of one of the girls.
When I was 11 years old, I had a friendly relationship with eight years old girl. She was my neighbour. We often played together. I don't remember who was the initiator of sex between us. Though I would call this sex occasional. It consisted of mutual friction of our genitals.
I was a friend of this girl for very long time, people called us the groom and the bride. Then I have to leave for military service. I was an adult twenty years old. When I returned from the army, the girl had other boy. And she married him soon.
My interests have passed into the field of science. I have read a lot of books, diligently studied in different educational institutions.
I worked with girls 12-13 years old, and I have fallen in love with one of the girls. Although I was almost two times older than her at this time. But I had no relations with her. She was simply pleasant. My interest for her disappeared when she became older. But other girls were pleasant to me then.
I thought that it is normal. I only admired them, and I considered my interest in their young beauty natural.
Girls wore short dresses, and I saw their panties when they sat. And I noticed that my reason becomes muddy when I see a girl with braids wearing tights of body colour.
And ten years passed. Adult women interested me a little during these ten years, and my interest in them gradually decreased. Although I had sex with one woman. I worked, and intervals between work were filled with drinking alcohol and smoking of marijuana.
I didn't understand what happened with me. My subject of adoration became uninteresting when she grew older. But time went forward. I was completely satisfied with girls in my work. Nobody guessed my strange thoughts.
Then the following story happened which has made my habits obvious. I spent some time in one cheerful community of young people while drinking alcoholic drinks. And one of women (approximately 25 years old) told that she has a younger sister who is interested in me. This sister saw me incidentally several times somewhere although I don't remember it. I did not pay an attention to this, and I strongly drank. I asked friends to forgive me leaving, and I went to sleep. I woke up by phone call from this woman, she said that her younger sister has come and that she wants to be acquainted with me. I was sleepy, and I remember what the sister said. I met her. She was a girl thirteen years old. I won't describe her appearance.
I have sat down at a table, and didn't drink any more. She at first has sat down with me nearby. And she began to speak with me. She began to call me in familiar form at once, and I was not offended by that. The drunk company disappeared somewhere. She sat on my lap approximately one hour after acquaintance. I embraced her and fondled her knees. She embraced me.
I became attached to her at once. Several hours have passed, and I understood that I loved her. Then we met every day, we talked about diverse nonsenses as good friends. But the devil has lodged in my head, and she escaped. We sat in an embrace. And I have leaned at her, and I began to kiss her on a cheek and a neck. I didn't want usual sex, but I wanted to kiss her everywhere. She escaped, but I didn't disturb her.
I then apologized for that, and we agreed to be friends again. We met, but I didn't afford more free behaviour. I understood that this situation is unsolvable. I wanted her in my sexual plan, and I have told her that we have to break up. She agreed. We spoke on this subject frankly because forbidden subjects did not exist between us completely that time.
I have sustained two days only, and I called her anonymously. I wanted to hear her voice. She made a reciprocal call, and she told that she guessed that this anonymous call belonged to me. And that she will come to me. The meetings continued about one year. And the last meeting was in New Year. We began to dance, but it wasn't dance. I held her on hands, and she embraced my neck. When the "dance" ended, she has asked me: "Release me".
I understood her that she doesn't ask that I should lower her from my hands on the floor. She asked about what I wanted, but I couldn't make it.
I waited for it from her because I couldn't speak about it. And I told: "I release you." She has left. Phone calls appeared within several months then, and we agreed to finally leave each other.
I became to understand my sexual preferences after this history. I love girls. I contemplated of behaviour of that girl. I believe that girl had early sexuality. But this happens to persons who haves an arrangement to girls of this age. I have drawn a conclusion for me that I have to have moderate feelings to girls.
But I will never change now, and I am confident in it completely. I am on this website for this reason. I love girls. Although I have adequate feelings to girls now, I would like to learn in more detail the question of early sexuality of nymphets. Because girls are my environment.


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