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How an average pedophile can help children

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How an average pedophile can help children

Příspěvekod Selynt » 2.2.2018 1:42:22


First off I must disclaim that this is NOT for ALL pedophiles.
This is only for pedophiles who have sufficient self control, and are able to find pleasure in innocent interactions with children without having urges to sexually abuse them. This is meant to help pedophiles understand that pedophilia can be a great blessing if applied appropriately. It is more obvious that pedophiles can be good for children in the sense of pedophile-oriented pediatricians, teachers, psychologists, etc; however, this is for all regular pedophile citizens who have good self control, and want to casually help children.

If you are a pedophile, you have potential to be an amazing citizen and a great influence to children in everyday life! Do not think that because of your pedophilia that you are evil! You are only evil if you choose to be evil!

Pedophiles can be the Guardian Angels of Children

As pedophiles, we naturally pay more attention to children than others. We look at children when others would ignore them. We can understand a child’s emotions better than anyone else possibly could. This is a gift. Since we pay more attention to children, we see when a child needs help. We can be the people that step in to help that child, and create a positive child-stranger interaction that will benefit the child.
In extreme cases, we can use our heightened awareness of children to prevent an injury to them, or save their life.

Before we can establish situations where it is necessary for a pedophile stranger to interact with a child, even in a harmless, helpful way, we must establish that it is not harmful or dangerous for the child, as children are always our main priority. Pedophiles are servants of children, not vice versa.

Child-Stranger Interactions, and "Stranger Danger"

It has been proven time and time again that upwards of 90% of child abuse comes from family, and people the child knows very well. With this in mind, it is clear that strangers are not a significant threat to children; therefore, depriving children of interactions with strangers is only depriving them of valuable conversational skills and self confidence.With the modern age of “Stranger-Danger,” child-stranger interactions are rare. Many children live their whole childhood in an ignorant fear of strangers and never have any positive interactions with strangers. This is because children are told not to approach strangers, and strangers are so scared of approaching children that they ignore them.

Especially for children who have previously had negative stranger interactions, it is very important that children feel comfortable around strangers. After all, some studies have shown that it is children who are not comfortable talking to strangers that are more likely to be manipulated and harmed by strangers. The best way to build self confidence in a child when interacting with strangers is through positive child-stranger actions. If a child has a stranger help them, it will show the child that strangers are not all evil.

I will now tell 3 short life stories, and analyze them briefly. These are the three life experiences which helped me realize just how valuable pedophilia can be for the average citizen, and average child, if used appropriately.

Story 1

“It was high noon in Los Angeles, and there I was walking into a Chipotle Restaurant to pick up an order of food. Immediately upon walking into the restaurant, I noticed a most beautiful and attractive young girl, maybe four or five, standing in line to pay for food with her father. Since I called in my order ahead of time, I was able to walk to the front of the line. While I was paying for my food, I was suddenly tipped off balance as this girl clumsily bumped into me. She looked up at me, and I smiled to her. Her father then apologized for his daughter’s behaviour, and I told him that it was quite alright. I’m sure this girl later forgot about me, but I kept my eye on her. She was gorgeous, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Such a pleasant face to look at.

I walked to the drink counter to fill my cup. While I was filling it with a soda, I watched as this girl strayed from her father, and approached the drink counter with her cup. She filled it alongside me, and then I put a lid on my drink and began to walk away. I continued to watch this precious girl as she was struggling to reach a lid to put on her drink. She even attempted to climb up the counter, but was simply too short to reach the lids. I glanced at her father whom was still at the payment counter, ignoring his child.

I seemed to be the only one paying attention to this poor little girl as she was incapable of lidding her drink, and so I took it upon myself to approach her and offer a helping hand. She was excited to have me hand her a lid for her drink, and a straw. She thanked me with a big smile on her face. I smiled, patted her on the back, and walked away and out of the store. I kept watching her until her father reunited with her, and they also walked out of the store.

Story 2

Later this same day, I was at the Diversey Walmart in Los Angeles doing my weekly shopping. I occasionally stroll through the children’s section of the store, looking for potential things to buy for my little El. I found a nice stuffed animal that I knew that she would love, and I went on my way.

Near the exit of the aisle, there was a small african-american girl staring blankly down the aisle. She seemed fine to the plain eye, but as I looked at her further, I noticed that she was upset. Dozens of people passed by and paid her no attention, but when I walked past her, I was searching for a reason that this girl could be upset. I noticed that she was all by herself, without her parents. It is very strange for a girl of just elementary age to be all alone in such a dangerous city such as Los Angeles.

I backtracked to this girl who now had a sense of panic in her eyes. I asked politely if she was alright, and she responded that she had become lost and could not find her mother. She began crying. I took her hands into my own, and assured her that everything would be alright, and that we would find her mother together. I held her hand through the neighboring aisles, but still did not see her mother.
I decided it would be best if I took her to the security office in the store where they could call her mother to the front of the store. As we were walking, still holding hands, towards the front of the store, a middle aged woman ran up to us crying. The little girl yelled, “Mommy!” and they embraced each other. The woman thanked me for staying with her daughter, and then we parted ways.

Story 3

Days later, I was walking along one busy Los Angeles street. There was several people walking to and from the Expo Line station, but it seemed like none except me noticed a lone toddler girl twirling a pedal of one of the bikes on the Divvy bike rack. I saw an older lady down the ways a little whom clearly resembled the girl. It was clear that this lady was the girl’s mother. The mother was speaking to a homeless gentleman, and only paying her child the occasional glance.

This sweet little toddler was yelling “bike” at the people passing he by ignoring her. As I was walking passed, I was looking at her when she yelled out to me. Instead of passing her by like dozens had already, I approached her, squatted down, and said bike back to her. She became very excited, as she was spinning the pedal of the bike, yelling “bike” repeatedly. I asked her if she knew what the cars on the street were, and she yelled out “car.”

I excitedly told her that she was correct, and she was very smart. I gave her a high-five, and we spun the pedal of the bike together for several minutes and talked to each other while her mother was occupied. Her mother came over to us. I stood up and paid her respect. I said bye to the little girl, and walked home.

Analysis of the stories

In each of these stories is illustrated a situation which if I was not a pedophile, and attracted to these children, would not have ever occured.

If I was not captivated by the sheer beauty of the girl at the restaurant, she may have even hurt herself trying to climb up the counter to get a lid for her drink while everyone else in the store, including her father, was paying her no attention. This child may not have understood that there were people around willing to help her. Too many children feel like they must do everything by themselves even if it harms them. After this interaction, this child may have a more complete understanding that she doesn’t always have to struggle when others can help her.

If I was not so attentive to the hidden emotions of the distraught girl in Walmart, it is possible that no one would have come to comfort her, and she would have been lost for much longer; in an extreme case, someone may even have taken advantage of her situation. Feeling lost can be extremely painful and traumatizing for anyone, especially a child. Having a stranger comfort the child in this situation can help ease the pain of being lost, and also let the child understand that strangers are often willing to, and happy to help.

If I was not amazed by the angelic voice of the gorgeous toddler who was playing with the Divvy bikes, she may have missed out on a very positive child-stranger interaction. A lot of children are raised up only playing with family, and maybe a couple friends from school. Especially in this situation when others were ignoring this child, she may have felt as though no one cared about her enough to play with her. By talking to and playing with this child, I could have increased the confidence of her, not to mention made her day better.

Rules of "Guardian Pedophiles"

We must always remember however that the child’s happiness, comfort-ability, safety, and security is our first priority. These are some general things to keep in mind:


I cannot stress how important this is. We must NEVER create an opportunity to interact with a child. If you notice a child is going to get a drink, do not move the lids higher up so that she will be unable to reach them in an attempt to create an interaction. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE.


If you see a child struggling to reach a lid for her drink, but her father is standing next to her, helping her may be seen as strange by society, and it may look as though you are looking for an excuse to interact with the child. A good idea is to always analyze the situation completely, and confirm that there is nobody around who is more qualified to help the child.
If a child is lost in a store, it is a bad idea to wander around the entire store. It would be seen as inappropriate, and could even take longer to find the parent, causing further harm to the child. The correct thing to do is to walk the child to a police officer, or store security officer.
If someone were to do everything for a child, they would never mature into an independent being. What is equally bad is that we would bring suspicion unto ourselves. Too many people are too ignorant of pedophilia to openly let a pedophile interact with their child.

3. We must NOT help children beyond what is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

If we help a short child reach a lid for her drink, it ends there. It is highly inappropriate to then put a straw in her drink, and hold it to her mouth as she drinks. The child could be confused by such action, and perhaps even traumatized. You may also risk looking like an outcast from normal society.

4. We are enemies in the eyes of society.

Most people, if given the option, would have us all locked in prison for an eternity; however, It is not necessary to live our lives wholly concealing our sexual orientation. My family, and close friends all know of my sexual orientation. They are people that I know I can trust. But if everyone in the world knew of my sexual orientation, I would surely be murdered.
Do not make it obvious in anyway that you are a pedophile. This could be very bad.

Any thoughts, comments, questions, and criticisms on this are greatly appreciated!


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