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Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Crossing The Line

Napsal: 15.10.2017 18:58:00
od Plyšáček
The question about having sex with children or not, is a question that most pedophiles will meet sooner or later in life.

Crossing The Line

The Dark Side

Everything will change, first of all because you are suddenly doing something that is strictly socially unacceptable and illegal by law. And, since there will be a certain risk of getting caught, thus risk getting totally fucked by both the society and the law enforcement, a certain weight of fear will constantly hang over your shoulders, far into the future. Most of this fear will actually be based on your faith in your child and its ability and motivation to keep your sexual games and relationship a secret.

Second, most people appreciate freedom and security, making one able to sleep well at nights and wake up happy in the morning, and just feel well about life in general. When you cross this line with a child for the first time, you might just discover how much you really appreciated this freedom and security, as it will suddenly become forever threatened. Please note that most children from late toddlerhood and older will also detect these changes, potentially getting the same fears and challenges as yours.

Third, guilt will always be a potential problem for all pedophiles who cross the line, especially among those who are close relatives to the kids whom they have sex with. And most aren't immune to such innocence, and those big and uncertain eyes that look at you. The adult may thus ask himself: am I hurting this child? Is this right of me to do, really?

Fourth, a role change will most likely occur within close family relationships. And, it can be a challenge having the roles of e.g. an authoritative father and a cool lover in the same time, especially if you're inexperienced; just like it will be hard for a child to be e.g. an obedient daughter and a cool lover in the same time. Such a role change may even confuse the child, which is why incest will always be way more crucial than non-incestuous sexual relationships.

Of course, the latter problem may also affect other and similar authoritative relationships, like babysitters, daycare workers, and school teachers.

Finally, there is shame; shame towards doing something that's forbidden and socially despicable; and shame towards being different from the rest; all of which can affect both the adult and the child negatively, the child especially.

Such disturbances in life can have a negative impact on the lives of the both of you. And it can become such a disturbance that it will be hard to feel joy and happiness afterwards, like you did before you crossed the line.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Mental Health

Napsal: 7.1.2018 16:43:50
od Plyšáček
Mental Health

Pedophilia is not an illness, it is just a sexual orientation.

Pedophiles can function just as well as any teleiophile, being both intelligent and successful within social groups, schools and careers. You cannot spot pedophiles in large groups of people by the way they generally behave and function in the society, neither can you scientifically diagnose pedophilia by using any instrument or test within medicine or psychology.

We can be priests, teachers, politicians, doctors, plumbers, engineers, pilots, social workers, unemployed, and etc.

Yes, there are pedophiles who live outside what you may call a normal life, as in being loners who both prefer to and do spend a lot of time with children. But, so do may teleiophiles as well, of several different reasons.

Sure, pedophiles want to have sex with children, but so will many teleiophiles too, even average homosexuals.

Calling pedophilia a mental illness is scientifically incorrect, and should have been officially changed to a sexual orientation by the WHO. Because, pedophilia is not about being sick, is is just about having a different preference.

So why do they call pedophilia a mental illness?

Did you know that prior to and throughout most of the 20th century, common and official psychology classified homosexuality as a mental illness? It is true, just look it up. But one day, someone decided to change that, and officially make homosexuality a sexual orientation instead.

You see, these issues are being handled accordingly to the current culture and what's convenient in a society:

The human culture changed, so homosexuals where thus labeled differently.

Since the sheep herd has been brainwashed to hate pedophilia since childhood, it is convenient labeling pedophilia as an illness; just as it was convenient labeling skeptics and scientists as heretics in the ancient days, and burn them alive on bonfires with cheering crowds of both adults and children.

Just take a look at the human history, and you will quickly see an unfortunate behavior pattern within the average human culture and society, that still is a reality as of today.

Actually, in ancient days, pedophilia was quite common. Adults and children even got married. Children could even be found and bought at whorehouses. But, if you where a scientist back then who questioned God, then you became hunted down, tortured and killed.

When the church lost power sometime later, the gays where next in line to be suppressed and killed. And when the society lost power over the gays, the pedophiles came next.

The pedophilia hysteria began for real during the latter 80s and early 90s. Parents where sent to jail for taking natural pictures of their children playing in underwear, or while playing with rubber ducks in bathtubs. There were pedophiles everywhere back then; behind every bush, tree and pole; as most people back then thought and feared.

While the pedophiles still are some feared and suppressed as of today, terrorists and weapons of mass-destruction seems to be the next logical step to take from here. What else is there to hunt down and kill, when they finally understand that children can actually have positive experiences from sexual play and education with adults?

The pedophiles aren't the ones being really messed up here, it is the sheep herd of our society that is. The whole human society is messed up, has always been that, and still is today.

Dear pedophiles, you're not mentally ill. You're just different. But the human society has proven through its history that being different, being a minority, is a magnet for fear, hate and suppression. And that's about it.

That is why WHO, along with their anti-pedophile psychiatrists, have classified pedophilia as a mental illness.

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