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History of child pornography

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History of child pornography

Příspěvekod Max » 9.2.2016 19:58:09

History of child pornography

Legal history of the Hidewiki

• The first law criminalizing pornography was Lord Campbell's Act.
• Obscene Publications Act:
o Lord Campbell was the Chief Justice at that time and he justified his ruling, assuring that it was "...intended to apply exclusively to works written for the single purpose of corrupting the morals of youth and of a nature calculated to shock the common feelings of decency in any well-regulated mind."
o Basic law: ban of any material "intended" to corrupt.

• Sir Alexander Cockburn III amended the definition of obscenity in appeal to include "...whether the tendency of the matter charged as obscenity is to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences and into whose hands a publication of this sort may fall."
• Case: Regina v. Hicklin:
o Banned "The Confessional Unmasked," an anti-catholic book.
o Basic law: ban of any material that may corrupt, whether intended or not.

• U.S. adopts Philadelphia standard and also added the ban of anything discussing birth control or abortion.

• Law amended to include the overall work instead of out of context sections. This was clarified through two incidents. Mary Ware Dennet was charged with obscenity for a sex education book and James Joyce's Ulysses was stopped at the U.S. border.

• Case: Roth v. United States:
o Stated that obscenity was not protected by the First Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Justice William Brennan declared all forms of pornography as "prurient" and without social value.

• Traci Lords makes her first adult film, "What Gets Me Hot." She was born Nora Louise Kuzman on May 7, 1968, and was 15 years old at the time. She made over 20 movies and numerous magazine appearances, including the famous Penthouse that also featured Vanessa Williams. She was arrested with the owners of X-citement Video.

All charges were dropped. The identification she used was a U.S. passport with the name of Traci Lords so the owners were not liable and as a minor, Traci was not accountable.

Traci received a total of $35,000 for 20 movies and $5,000 for penthouse, which she wisely blew on drugs, partying, and a sweet black corvette that her boyfriend soon totaled. (What else would one do with that kind of money?)

• U.S. passes law to require all ISPs to log any and all internet traffic and hold up to 1 year for police use. [ Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011] (This does not include cellular data).

Commonly Used Categories and Terms Related to Child Pornography

Categories of People or Content

• Baby: 0-1 year old
• Toddler: 1-3 years old
• Preteen (PT): 3-12 years old (up to early pre-pubescence)
• Child: 3-9 years old
• Lolita (Loli): 9-13 years old and female: nymphet
• Jailbait (JB): 13-17 years old (not considered real child porn) and usually female
• UA: underage (typically prepubescent): juvenile/minor
• NN: non-nude/non-nudity: not nude or no nudity
• MJB: male JB: male of jailbait age or sexual maturity

Categories of People

• Jailbait: 13-15 years old or appearing to be grown yet not, and usually female
• Pedophile (Pedo): someone sexually attracted to prepubescent children
• Hebephile: someone sexually attracted to pubescent or near pubescent girls very early into adolescence like lolitas
• Ephebophile: someone sexually attracted to pubescent boys or adolescents
• Pederast: adult male sexually acting to pubescent male children or adolescents, (subgroup of ephebopiles)
• Budder: girl whose breasts are budding
• Catamite: pubescent male sex partner of adult male
• LG: little girl (always older than baby and typically prepubescent)
• LB: little boy (always older than baby and typically prepubescent)
• YF: young/younger/youth friend: juvenile sex partner of older person, or someone who was such when the two first became sex partners
• SYF: special YF of older person, like a significant other or spouse among many YF
• AF: adult/adolescent friend (sexual) or aficionado (child pornographer or modeling-studio agent), of child or younger juvenile

Categories of Content

• PTSC: preteen softcore (usually connoting either non-nudity or absence of sex whether explicit or implicit)
• PTHC: preteen hardcore (technically connoting explicit view of genitals being applied)
• BIBCAM: boy-in-bedroom webcam (epitome of what an outgoing, horny, juvenile male does when he is "in for the night" but has a viable, videoconferencing link of some sort, while sometimes brothers or "sleepover" peers are present and participating)
• Hurt core: non-consensual involvement or rape of child; crying, bondage, gagging, whipping or torture (or in extreme cases, mutilation) of child, in sexual/bawdy vein or during sex therewith

Categories of Ideas/Interests

• W/g: sex between adult female and child female
• M/b: sex between adult male and child male (typically with man mounting or receiving fellatio from boy)
• W/b: sex between adult female and child male (typically with boy mounting or receiving fellatio from woman)
• Pedobeastiality: sex between child and animal, including possibly wholly innocent licking of child's genitals by an animal.
Of less common typographic symbols, "g/g" and "b/b" are the child equivalents of "W/g" and "M/b" respectively. Furthermore the meanings of "M/g" and "b/g" can be inferred similarly.
Acronyms for Categories of People or Ideas/Interests
• AOA: age of attraction: scope of pedophilia and hebephilia, along with the applicablity of heterosexuality or homosexuality to it
• CL: child love/loving/lust or child lover: pedophilia or pedophile
o GL: girl love/loving/lust or girl lover
LGL: subcategory of GL focused toward LG and baby females, or lover of little girls
o BL: boy love/loving/lust or boy lover (often "boylover")
LBL: subcategory of BL focused towards LB and baby males, or lover of little boys

• set: usually a sequence of photos/videos taken in the same setting at the same time of the same people with the same camera, or as designated by photographer/publisher
• series: chronological sequence of sets, obviously
• MCLT: "My Collection of Lolita Teens" or My Collection of Lolitas and Tots

People and More

Classic Commercial Child Nudity

• Blind Faith's Blind Faith cover features a topless 11yo girl (Mariora Goschen) with budding breasts.

• Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy cover includes nude child photos of Stefan and Samantha Gates taken from behind. The album was banned in some United States southern states and in Spain.

• Scorpions' Virgin Killer cover contains a fully nude, flat chested 10yo girl named Jaqueline. Her vulva barely obscured by a broken glass effect.

• At 12 years old, Brooke Shields appears nude in the film Pretty Baby. In the unedited (159 min) version, her butt and chest are shown throughout many scenes, and the top of her crease of vulva is shown in one scene, where she is taking a bath and two people walk in and she quickly stands up. In one commonly seen edited version of the film, a thin black line is added for a moment at the bottom of the picture so the vulval slit cannot be seen when she stands up.
• At 11 years old, Karin Trentephol as Simona develops a sexual relationship with a man who takes shelter at Simona's home, nude Simona is in a complicated Italian drama "L'immoralità" by Massimo Pirri.

• Bow Wow Wow's Annabella Lwin poses nude from the back at 14 years old and fully nude at 15 years old.

Famous Pedophiles

Lindsay Ashford: Former administrator of, a pedophile self-help site with emphasis on living with herpes; Confessed pedophile who has not been shown to break any related laws.

Lewis Carroll, or Charles Dodgson, the talented writer and photographer, a friend of little girls. He liked to photograph some of them naked. If he lived these days, they would lock him up for his innocent hobby thus depriving us all of his talent.

Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comic, had an interesting life and numerous relationships with teenage girls like Lita Grey whom he met when she was 12 years old. At 15 years old, she was pregnant and later they married and had two children. Although many of his relationships with the girls resulted in a divorce (4 times) or a break-off, the marriage with Oona O'Neill (whom he met when she was 17 years old) was a success, and they lived happily and had 8 children.

Philip Giordano was the mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut and at one point ran for US Senate against Joseph Lieberman. He was sentenced to 37 years in prison for arranging sex with two girls aged eight and ten, the daughter and niece respectively of a crack-addicted prostitute named Guitana Jones.

Gary Glitter, for possession of child pornography.

Mikhail Kutuzov, one of the finest military officer and diplomat of Russia, the highly regarded national hero, in 1812 he was appointed commander-in-chief and he inflicted a heavy defeat on Napoleon's offensive armies. He was also renowned for his love adventures. For example, it is well known that in 1811 he made a 14-year-old wife of a Moldavian nobleman Guliano his consensual lover.

Jerry Lee Lewis whose turbulent private life was hidden from his super mom until a May 1958 English tour where Very Berry, a news agency reporter at London's Heathcliff Airport (the only journalist present), learned about Lewis's third wife, Myra Gale Brown. She was Lewis's first cousin and only 13 years old.

Jack McClellan: Former administrator of, a site regarding strategy to meeting pedophile desires; Confessed pedophile who was given a restraining order from all people under 18 in a class-action lawsuit. Other than because of the ridiculous restraining order which was impossible to follow, McClellan has not broken any related laws. Recently he has moved out of California and his location and activities are unknown.

Edgar Allan Poe, the famous American writer, at 27 years old, married his cousin Virginia Clemm with whom he had quietly lived before the official marriage license. Although her age was listed as 21 years, she was 13 years old. They tenderly loved each other.

Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to the charge of engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor. He actually is not a pedophile, that was just a one-time incident with a 14yo girl with her and her mother's acceptance. Bear in mind in some countries the Age of Consent is as low as 14 (Germany), 13 (Spain) or even 12 (Vatican) years.

José de San Martín is regarded as a national hero of Argentina and, together with Bolívar, one of the liberators of Spanish South America. On September 12, 1812, at the age of 31, he got married with María de los Remedios de Escalada, a 14 years old girl.


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